Seaborn is an open source Python library used for making statistical graphs an visualizations and exploratory data analysis. It expands upon the core visualization library matplotlib, providing a more high-level interface, than using matplotlib alone. Its use of DataFrames make it a great choice for working with the Pandas library for building visualizations with your data.

Some of the nice features that Seaborn has to offer are:

  • the ability to set custom color palettes for your visualizations
  • also offers nice looking default themes
  • making attractive statistical plots
  • easily and flexibly displays distributions
  • the ability to visualize data from matrices and DataFrames

To install the Seaborn library, install onto your version of Python from command line using the following command:

                        pip install seaborn

Example Visualization: Matplotlib vs Seaborn



graph built using only the Matplotlib library



graph built using the Matplotlib library in conjunction with Seaborn Photos and Code Source: TutorialsPoint: Seaborn - Figure Aesthetic