Moving Data

The second portion of the managing data phase is moving the data. T his process involves moving your raw data into the applications database from which it can be accessed after

    Here is how we completed this:

  • Setup upload page
  • Set file upload restrictions beforehand
  • Upload raw data onto web server to be stored and accessed at a later point

  • Issues we ran into at this phase:

  • Upload times for large files.
  • Ability to distinguish between file types

This section contains a breakdown of how we completed this phase.

  • We ran into a lot of issues deciding how we were going to move the data onto the file server. The initial idea was to have a light box element that we would add a button and upload that onto the server. however, because the post request had to be done on a separate page. We decided to make a separate page designated for uploading. and where able to successfully move the data onto the file server.

  • Upload Page

Here is a summary of what we could do next time:

  • In the future we would prefer to find another way to upload the files without having the user to be redirected onto a different page.