SciPy is a Python library built upon NumPy. It allows for the programmer to manipulate and visualize data, and allows for the user to interact with a data-processing environment similar to MATLAB or R-Lab. It is used not only for data science, but also in conjunction with Python for other types of applications.

SciPy is used for optimization, interpolation, fourier transforms, linear algebra, integration, statistics, signal processing, and many more.

To install the SciPy library, install onto your version of Python from command line using the following command:

                        pip install scipy

The following are subpackages within the SciPy namespace:

  • cluster
  • constants
  • fftpack
  • integrate
  • interpolate
  • io
  • linalg
  • ndimage
  • odr
  • optimize
  • signal
  • sparse
  • spatial
  • special
  • stats

Unlike some other common Python libraries, this structure forces the user to import the subpackages separately. See an example below:


Source: Introduction - SciPy